I went to Coachella Alone & Survived

Coachella Valley Music Festival 2012the year Tupac resurrected and the year I decided to camp with a group of Canadians I had never met in my young life.

Coachella Group Outing

It’s as if we had known each other for years.

It all began with Beirut. Not the country, but the band from New Mexico. This band was the reason why I made the two-hour drive to Indio, CA at 1 a.m., walked up to a man wearing a devil horn knitted hat and handed him $500 cash in exchange for a weekend oozing with unknowns.

I never planned on going to Coachella by myself, but that’s the funny thing about making plans they never quite go how you envision them.

Before I black listed all of my friends and decided to go to a music festival alone, I did what anybody in this social media driven age would have done, became that annoying person that cluttered news feeds in clear desperation to find atleast one person to go with.

Nearing the festival, still no one jumped on the Coachella bandwagon with me, but my determination to go did not wither.

I don’t think there is another level above desperate, but if there was, that was me. As a last resort I scoped out Coachella forums and communities on Facebook and found the Holy Grail; A guy was selling a ticket and a spot in the on-site camping area Eldorado. The opportunity could not have been more perfect, except for the fact that I didn’t know the people I would be spending five days with. A Normal, sane person would have walked away and come to terms with not being able to go to Coachella, but nope not me. I was going to do the unthinkable…Yes, I messaged the total stranger on Facebook.

Coachella Ticket Inquiry

I was determined to go to Coachella

With just enough cash to spend $500 on the ticket and $100 for all other incidentals, I made him an offer. To my surprise he actually accepted! Now, this is when I began to panic. Here is a guy who just accepted $500 bucks for a ticket he wanted $800 for originally. Being a female, this should have raised a red flag and don’t get me wrong it did, but my desire to go was much stronger than my fear of being proposition into a bad situation. Plus, I felt more at ease when I found out the group consisted of two girls and only one guy.

I have to admit, I didn’t actually decide to officially go until about 8:00 the night I was suppose to meet up with the mysterious group, which didn’t give me much time to plan out my Coachella style like most of the ladies who went. I just tuned into my inner hippie, picked out some makeshift outfits, took a shower because I didn’t know when my next one would be and left.

The two-hour car ride through the desert was nerve wrecking, exciting and scary all at the same time, but the next five days were filled with new friendships, front row spectacles and is still considered the best decision I could have ever made.

Tip: Be an independent woman and don’t let fear block you from what you want most. The pictures from my experience (below) are proof that good things happen to those who go for it.

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  1. Carlos · · Reply

    love the story, its inspiring!


    1. Thanks Carlos! That really means a lot. I know it’s just Coachella, but the experience was truly magical because of the friends I made.


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