What To Do When You Want To Travel But Can’t

I have found that there is nothing worse than that feeling of despair when you’re stuck and not able to travel. I call this the travel bug.

The reality of many when it comes to travel is that there is either no time, no money or no one to go with. Even though, the latter shouldn’t stop you I can’t say the same about the other two.

Aside from the few travel bloggers who quit their jobs to devote their life to exploration, the truth is that many of us just don’t have that luxury, so I have found these four simple and cheap ways to fulfill my travel needs, without actually going anywhere.

1. Watch a foreign movie

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

My Piece of the Pie

Vicky Cristina Barcelona


2. Eat international food

Every destination has a special cuisine associated with it, so try cooking an exotic dish or let someone do the cooking for you. Either way, trying ethnic foods is easy to do and not to mention delicious. Trying a wine from a far off region you hope to visit some day is also a great alternative.

Tip: To save a few bucks, try to find some food trucks that specialize in your desired cuisine.

3. Be an explorer in your own city

Don’t take your city for granted just because you have lived there your whole life. Take the time to explore and notice things around you.

4. Learn a language

Learn a languageMy favorite learning tools:



Tim Ferriss


Tip: Pick one language, set a daily study goal, stay consistent and use it even if no one will understand what you’re saying (teaching others is a great way to teach yourself).





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