5 Tips for Packing

Loading the Hertz Rental Car

Loading the Hertz Rental Car

Tip 1: Pack smart by using space saver bags for your clothes or go Army style!

Tip 2: Don’t bother bringing a towel with you, just rent one from each hostel as you go.

The issue with bringing a traditional towel is if you don’t give it a chance to dry it will stink up your clean clothes, even if you put it in a plastic bag. Trust me, I had to leave my towel behind in London.

Keep in mind that some hostels do no offer this service, so verify before you leave for your trip. Rentals are not free either and range from $1.00-$3.00.

If you don’t like the idea of renting a towel that has been used by who knows how many…buy a travel towel.

Tip 3: Bring enough clothes for 2 weeks and then go to the laundry mat with the locals.

Tip 4: Depending on how many cities you are visiting, use a backpack for 3+ cities and luggage for less than 3 cities.

Tip 5: Shoes go on the bottom of the backpack/luggage and stick undergarments in all of the corners.






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