How To Survive a Long Flight in Coach

Long flights are not only boring, but can drive you insane. Let’s be honest you will not sleep comfortably, your skin will be desert dry and you will feel disgusting after you deplane. This is the reality of flying coach and only being able to recline your seat one inch back. So, unless you plan on taking a sleeping pill or drinking yourself to sleep for the entire flight, here are some tried and true ways to surviving these conditions:

 1. 2048

There is no game out there like 2048 that is sure to make time fly without even realizing it. It’s simple and addictive. You are guaranteed to kill atleast an hour.

2. Packing a Carry-On

A carry-on is essential when traveling, but if the carry on takes up too much room it becomes a pain in the ass. Anything that is under the seat in front of you just means having less leg room than you can afford to give up. In reality, you don’t need that many things in a carry on. The list below seems big, but the items themselves are small with the exception of the laptop.

This is my favorite carry on bag. The tote and backpack versatility is useful and fits perfectly under the seat without stealing any extra room from you. A bonus is that it can be used for the whole trip as a day pack or hiking bag.

Must have carry on items:

  1. Hand Sanitizer
  2. Face wash/wipes
  3. Face Moisturizer
  4. Toothbrush/toothpaste
  5. Hair tie
  6. Blanket
  7. Pillow
  8. Music device
  9. Ipad/laptop
  10. Headphones
  11. Extra Socks
  12. An extra change of clothes
  13. Important documents (passport, visa, flight info, hotel info, etc.)
  14. Book/magazines
  15. Alcohol
  16. Snacks

3. Hydrate

Drinking lots of water is necessary when you’re on a long flight. You’re sitting in a giant aluminum tube for 10+ hours, eating airplane food loaded with sodium and most likely drinking alcohol. Basically, you’re slowly drying up like a prune.

Tip 1: Drink electrolyte solutions like Gatorade along with water.

Tip 2: Ask for lemon with your water because it helps prevent bloating.

Tip 3: Don’t buy your alcohol on the plane. It’s a rip off to pay $5+ for a beer or whiskey. Instead buy some mini bottles from your local store, put them in a zip lock and pack them in your carry on. When you get on board ask for your chaser & Cheers!

4. Watch What You Eat

Two days before your flight eat somewhat healthy. Food stays in your system for a few days, so having to deal with that burrito during the flight can turn into a horror story.

Tip: Take an immunity booster before you leave for the airport to fight off any germs you may encounter.

5. Dress Comfortably

Back in the day dressing up for a flight was required, but today it is all about functionality. Dressing in layers is your best bet because it will allow you to adapt to the different temperatures you will encounter.

6. The Travel Pillow

I hate to break it to you, but the traditional travel neck pillow does not work. It sits too low on your shoulders, so you are still bound to wake up with an aching neck.

Here are some great options:

The Ostrich Pillow

The Wings Flying Hoodie

The Comfy Commuter

Kuhi Comfort

Kuhi Comfort Original - Kuhi Comfort, Inc.

Kuhi Comfort Original – Kuhi Comfort, Inc.

Travel Rest Pillow

7. Beating Jet Lag

If you’re flight lands in the morning or afternoon do not go to sleep until your normal bed time. Skipping nap-time the first few days will help you jumpstart your clock, which is a great way to avoid that midday sluggish feeling as you’re touring a city.

8. Stretching It Out

When you’re on an airplane you spend too much time sitting down. The only instances you get to stand up is when you go to the bathroom and get really restless so you take a lap up and down the isles.

Try these simple exercises on your next flight

9. Music

Music during a flight is important when you’re not watching the many movies the airline provides for you. Sometimes just sitting back and listening to music is a good way to relax and transition from work mode to travel mode.

Here is my Flight Mode playlist:


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